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These seeds are treated, they are only suitable for greenhouse cultivation in Europe.

This series is a major step forward in sunflower breeding.

Vincent’s was bred to be less sensitive to day length for greater flexibility in programming, allowing growers to produce high quality crops early, mid and late season.

Vincent’s Choice Deep Orange DMR is a breeding breakthrough with proven resistance to multiple types of Downy Mildew infection.

Helianthus Vincent’s series – Flexibility in programming:

Less sensitive to day length than other Sunflowers for greater flexibility in programming.

Better height under short days, not too tall under long days.

Allows growers to produce high quality crops early, mid and late season.

An extra ring of rounded, overlapping petals for better filled, more attractive flower heads.

Flowers face upwards on strong stems and necks.

Shorter crop cycle and concentrated harvest means increased margins.

Strong seeding and plant vigour.

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