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STIPA arundinacea SIROCCO (multipellets)

Multipellets. Here’s an easy, streamlined entry into grasses for the bedding plant grower! We’ve taken ornamental grass growing and made it simple – all of the Grasses of Fantastic Foliage™ can be sown, grown and sold together as a complete package. Sow all of The Grasses of Fantastic Foliage on the same day at the same temperature. All can be transplanted at the same time (5 to 6 weeks) and finished at the same time. Add a new range of textures to mixed containers and to gardens/landscapes. Well-suited to 306 premium packs, 4 to 6-in./10 to 15-cm pots and gallon containers for bedding programs, The Grasses of Fantastic Foliage are also excellent choices for ornamental grass and perennial programs. All varieties are supplied as multi-seed pellets with excellent seed quality to ensure fast, full plugs.

Like the warm winds from which Sirocco takes its name, this delightful grass adds movement and texture to a wide range of settings, including landscapes, garden beds, mixed containers and hanging baskets. This genetically unique variety is the only pink grass from seed on the market – colour turns to shades of copper and pink under cool conditions, natural sunlight and maturity.

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