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Quartz XP is an across-the-board improvement on an already-great series that will make bench and outdoor performance even more outstanding! Strong seed quality continues to be a hallmark of this better-than-before series.
Quartz XP will maintain the strong garden performance, creating slightly spreading, mounded plants with huge umbels of large, beautiful florets over the dark green foliage. Quartz XP makes brilliant containers, beds and hanging baskets; in mixed plantings, it will trail over the edge of the container.
The all-new Quartz XP offers upgrades to the best colours of the original Quartz including 9 strong colours and 2 mixes. All are well-matched for early flowering and are significantly improved for branched habit.
Quartz XP flower time is 7 days earlier flowering compared with original Quartz series and the same compared with Obsession.
Quartz XP verbenas deliver good uniformity in germination and flowering time and is supplied with an 85% minimum germination standard. Quartz XP are supplied as primed and standard seed.
Original Quartz Blue and Quartz Waterfall Mixture remain available.

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