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Order procedure

Through our website

1. Search for product
If you found an item that you are interested in, click on the photo or the name of the product and a detailed image will appear with information about this product, such as description, price, possibly an extensive description with a culture description.

2. Specify quantity
You also have the option to enter the desired quantity and place an order in the shopping cart.

3. To pay
If you want to purchase more than 1 item, click on “continue shopping”. When your shopping cart is filled to your liking, choose “proceed to checkout”.

4. Create an account
To create a new account, enter your name and address details and choose a payment method. Do you already have an account? If you already have an account with Muller Bloemzaden BV, log in with your password.

5. Place an order
Check your order and address details. You can also print your order here. Click on “Next” (to pay via iDEAL or PayPal) and your order has been placed.


All offers are without obligation; the quoted prices are in euros, excluding VAT.

In the case of delivery by quantity, the price is calculated in accordance with the statement in the catalog or quotation.

Tier prices apply per item.

For more information, please send an email to info@mullerseeds.com.

Orders are only accepted subject to the customary harvest / production reservation in the industry.

You can request the quotation by entering the numbers in the catalog and sending it.

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Orders over € 600 receive a 5% discount!

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