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Twinny is a new double flowered Antirrhinum. It is the first double flowered F1 hybrid dwarf Antirrhinum series on the market. Twinny is recommended for 10-12 cm (4-5 in.) pots and large containers. Its tolerance to hot and wet weather conditions results into an exceptional garden performance. Twinny Peach is an All America Selections Winner.

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Antirrhinum F1 double flowered

Family:                   Scrophulariaceae
Use:                    Outdoor containers, pot and pack, suitable  for borders and beds.
Plant type:          Annual
Height in pot:      10-15 cm (4-6  in.)
Garden height: 25-30 cm (10-12 in.)
Seed count:
6,200-6,500 seeds/gram (176,000-184,000 seeds/oz) Seed  count  varies  by variety  and seed lot.
Seed form:

Media  pH 5.5  to 5.8
High pH (>6.2) may cause interveinal leaf chlorosis due to iron deficiency.
EC 0.5-0.75
Ammonium based fertilizers  are  not recommended. Use calcium based fertilizers  instead.

Stage 1: radicle emergence
Temperature: 18-22ºC (64-72ºF)
Radicle  emerge will occur  in 3-4  days.  Keep  media wet. Do not cover.  Seeds need light for a uniform germ. Antirrhinum is very  susceptible to  high  salt  levels  in  all stages.

Stage 2: expanding stem and cotyledons
Keep media moist,  temperature can  be lowered to 18ºC (64ºF).  Reduce  moisture levels  to  obtain optimum root penetration and to prevent fungal diseases. Prevent  wet foliage after  nightfall. A broad spectrum fungicide may be applied to prevent damping off. Under low light con- ditions   supplementary  lighting is  advised to  promote compact strong seedlings. Extending day  length to  14 hours, 4.000-10.000  lux (400-1000 foot  candles) will promote early  flowering.

Stage 3: development of first true  leaves
Temperature days  18ºC (64ºF)   EC 0.5-0.75
Allow media to dry between watering. Wet, cold and low light conditions may  result  in tip abortion.

Stage 4: finishing/holding stage
Plugs are  ready for transplant or shipping.
Temperature can  be dropped to 16-18ºC (60-64ºF); lo- wer temperatures and wet conditions may result  in poor growth and leaf  chlorosis. Allow media to dry between watering but  avoid  wilting.  EC 0.75. Do not  exceed le- vels of over 1.0  to prevent root  problems.

Growing on:
After 5-6  weeks  plants can  be  transplanted. It will take 5-6  weeks  to finish in the  pack.  Allow an  extra  week  for 4-inch pots.
Media: a well-drained, porous media is best  to prevent over watering. pH 5.5-5.8. Never  over 6.2 EC. 0.75-1.50
Moisture: allow  media to dry between watering, do not allow  plants to  wilt  severely, this  will result   in  yellow leaves and serious setback in growth.
Light: Optimum light  level  is 18.000-22.000 lux (1800 -2200 foot  candles). Long days  (>14 hrs) will promote early  flowering.

Growth regulators:
Antirrhinum responds to:  Daminozide, (Dazide, B-nine) Chlormequat (Cycocel) and paclobutrazol (Bonzi).

Spider  mites,  Thrips, Aphids  and Whitefly
Control: common insecticides can  be used, check  for labelled products.

Botrytis blight,  Rhizoctonia, Rust, Pythium,  Powdery  and
Downy mildew.
Control: Use labelled fungicides to prevent and/or cure problems. Avoid cool and wet conditions.

Sowing          Potting           Flowering wk 3              wk 9              wk 16-17 wk 6              wk 11            wk 18-19
Wk 9             wk 14            wk 20-21

Antirrhinum has  a very  sensitive root  system. Prevent over  watering and cold  media (< 15ºC/58ºF). Do  not allow  plants to  wilt severely. Cold  and wet  conditions will result  in slow development combined with root  pro- blems and slow  uptake of nutrients, followed by chlo- rosis of the  leaves. The use  of ammonium-based  fertili- zers may result  in thin,  elon-gated roots  which are  more susceptible to soil born  fungi.  Avoid overhead watering; allow  foliage to  dry during daytime to  prevent disease problems.

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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