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GYPSOPHILA muralis GYPSY PINK (multipellets)

Granulated seeds. Gypsy adds a romantic touch to any garden! Aa a unique bedding plant, this variety has multiple uses: alone or in combination with other annuals in patio containers, window boxes or hanging baskets. The home-gardener will love the way these plants cascade over the side to soften edges. As border plants in garden beds, Gypsy forms neat mounds. Gypsy has semi-double flowers. Gypsy Pink is both a 1996 Fleuroselect Quality Award winner and a 1997 All-America Selections winner. Gypsy Deep Rose is both a 2003 Fleuroselect Quality Award winner and a 2004 All-America Selections winner.

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Gypsophila Gypsy

Cultural Information for:     Gypsophila Gypsy                    Annual
Common Name:                   Baby’s Breath
Botanical Name:                  Gypsophila muralis
Seed Count:                700,000 /ounce                       25,000 / gram
Optimum Germination Temperature:       68ºF / 20ºC
Optimum Growing Temperature:              58-60ºF / 15ºC
Watering: Plants should never be allowed to dry out.

Temperature: Optimum growing temperature is 58-
60°F/15°C, but plants tolerate higher temperatures. Higher temperatures, especially > 86°F/30°C, will reduce flowering.

Plug Culture –  4 weeks (288 / 12 x 24 tray)

Stage One (days 1-5) Multi sow plug trays with 8-10 seeds per cavity filled with a sterile and well drained media. Optimum pH is 5.5-6.5. Lightly cover the seed with coarse vermiculite only as seeds require light to germinate.
Maintain a temperature of 68°F/20°C. Multi-seed pellets are available to facilitate sowing.

Stage Two (days 6-13) After seedlings emerge lower the temperature to 58-60°F/15-16°C and place seedlings in a bright and well-ventilated area. Fertilize with 75 ppm N to promote strong growth.

Stage Three (days 14-24) Maintain plants at 58-60°F/15°C and fertilize at 150 ppm N using a well balanced calcium nitrate based formulation. Optimum EC level is 1.0-1.2 mmhos (1:2 slurry). It is best to water early in the day to prevent botrytis.

Stage Four (days 25-30) The plugs are approaching transplant stage. Reduce fertilizer to prepare the plants for transition to the final container.

Light: Gypsophila does best in full sun in cool summer areas or partial sun in warm summer areas.

Plant Growth Regulation: Gypsophila Gypsy is naturally compact and does not require chemical growth regulation.

Pests: Aphids

Diseases: Botrytis, rhizoctonia and pythium

Scheduling: Gypsy features double flowers.

Container                              Weeks from sowing
Cell pack                                8-9 weeks
4 inch pots                             12-13 weeks
Hanging baskets                    16 weeks

Note: Adding osmocote to outdoor pots will maintain the fertilizer level during rainy periods.

Media: Use a well-drained sterile media with a pH between 5.5–6.5.

Pots: Gypsophila is suited for cell packs, 4 inch/10 cm. pots, hanging baskets or as a component in mixed containers and baskets.

Fertilizer: Use of a well balanced calcium nitrate based fertilizer at 150 ppm N produces strong and healthy plants. Optimum E.C. level is 1.2 mmhos (1:2 slurry).

“Information copied from the breeder.
Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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