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Series Description: Flowers of the Sunrich series are pollenless, long-lasting, densely petaled and upright facing on strong stems. F1 Sunrich Orange Summer and Lemon Summer flower 5 to 10 days earlier than F1 Sunrich Orange and Lemon, but the flower shapes and colours are identical to Sunrich Orange and Lemon, respectively. Suitable for spring to summer cultivation with sowing under long-day conditions. Proven and reliable series. Market leader for over 15 years.

Market Use: Cutflower

Sales Period: May to September


Sowing Medium: Lightly fertilized peat.

Germination Methode: Direct sowing or in a plug.

Plug Size: 288

Specific Germination Requirements: For early sowing between week 10-13 you will have to cover the flowerbed with a plastic sheeting.

Germination Temperature: 18-20°C / 64,4-68°F

Cover: yes

Days To Germinate: 04-06

Sowing Period: April to July

Sowing Period Indoors: March to August

Sowing Period Outdoors: April to July

Distance In The Row For Direct Sowing: Plant density is approximately 35-40 plants per gross (bruto) m². Number of flowers that can be cut as quality flowers is about 27–30. For one hectare you need approximately 6 kg. of seeds. Distance between rows is 75 cm. Distance on the row is around 7-8 cm.

Distance Between The Rows For Direct Sowing: 75

Plug Finish Time: 3 weeks after sowing.


Temperature (Day): 18-20°C / 64,4-68°F

Temperature (Night): 15-18°C / 59-64,4°F

Description: Avoid temperatures lower than 10°C.

Fertilizers: Recommendation: test the soil before planting. Patent Kali (MgO2, K2O) can be used as basic. Use Manganese Sulphate and Potassium Nitrate in order to control stem length, after the plants are established properly. Helianthus is sensitive to boron (B) and molybdenum (Mb) deficiency. Boron deficiency can be recognized by ruffled foliage and leaves turning yellow between veins. Molybdenum deficiency can recognized by leaves turning green and yellowish and edge of leaves starting to die off.

pH: 5.8-6.5

EC: 1.2-1.5

Humidity: Watering depends strongly on the soil structure. Water frequently until plants have reached a length of 30 cm. Otherwise, water very little.

Growth Regulator: With Alar or B9 the growth can be controlled with 2-3 gram /ltr.


Weeks To Flower From Direct Sowing: Crop production time may vary depending on season and variety, but is approximately 9 weeks in summer and up to 11-12 weeks in spring and autumn.


Plants Per m2 Indoors: 25

Plants Per m2 Outdoors: 20


Description: When the ray florets are standing harvest of the flowers can be started. Make sure that you put the flowers in fresh water with a Chlorine pellet as soon as possible. Beware of temperature differences after harvesting to avoid botrytis infestation.


Insects: Beware of nibbling of mice, pigeons, rabbits and trips after sowing: The crop is susceptible to aphids and snails.

Fungi: Botrytis, downy mildew, sclerotinia. For further information about Plasmopara halstedii, see:

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Muller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.”


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